WHEN do I Plant?

12 Mar

For MID – MARCH – I am preparing to plant potatoes and possibly my onion and brocolli transplants.  I might plant lettuce seed/transplants, spinach transplants, and arugula transplants.  I might think about planting my tomato and pepper transplants near the end of March/early April and cover them with mini green houses called “Walls of Water”.  I will keep you updated as we move through the calendar.  My chives and flat leaf parsley are already growing green again, the strawberries seem to be coming back to life too.

Reminder: Generally your growing season starts after the last frost date.  There are always exceptions to the rule, but play it safe if you are a beginner.

My neighbor, the master gardener, gave me this great cheat sheet titled Treasure Valley Planting Dates, which I suspect she may have gotten at the local university extension office.  I also have a sheet that lists some recommended varieties for the area – Treasure Valley Recommended fruits & Veggies

This is the most precarious topic which I have screwed up many times!! Last year I planted when I was supposed to, during May 7th, but the Shafer Butte was loaded with snow and it continued to reach freezing temps at night and snowed unexpecedly!!!  I lost a lot of my transplants.  Don’t give up!  Because of my bad timing and weird weather last year, I had minimal tomatoes, basil, winter squashes, watermelons that had sprouted up from the year before and tiny peppers.  Oh, well, in my eyes it was still a success.


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