12 Mar

Okay, so you have chosen a spot in your yard that gets the most sun. Now what? 

The easiest way to start is to make Earth Raised Beds, which is basically rows of mounded dirt which will be your vegetable planting rows.  Mounding the dirt allows that soil to warm faster than the dirt at ground level.  I have earth raised beds.  I will post a picture of my garden with it’s earth raised beds pre-planting.  A book I checked out from the library even suggests just buying several cubic yards of planting soil and laying them end to end to make the rows to start out with – GENIUS!

While you are mounding the dirt you might want to throw in some granular fertilizer or compost to it.

DON’T FORGET – Keep in mind how you will water while making your rows.  I have underground sprinklers and had the spot I chose rezoned in the second year, so that it is on it’s own zone for watering.  I then retrofitted 2 sprinkler heads and capped the rest in that zone.   Lastly I attached drip line emitter hosing to those 2 retrofitted heads so they run the length of the vegetable rows.  We can get into the design later.  Basically, predetermine at least this year how you will get water to your vegetables you will plant.

Now that this is done, you are ready to make your garden plan for the year.


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