Weather Still WET, but Potato Seed has arrived @ stores.

17 Mar

It’s been raining and snowing all week and as I mentioned before I will not be planting my early spring vegetable seeds in these conditions because I don’t want the seed to get molded and not germinate.  Weather says it will be raining into next week too; I will want to wait until the ground dries up a little before I plant because it’s just too muddy. looking at the weather,  I’m hoping next wed-fri perhaps – it’s supposed to rain again next sat.   Will keep you posted.

My more experienced, trusty neighbor said she was making a trip to the D&B Supply store to get her potato seed and I asked her to pick me up some Yukon Gold and Norland Red potato seed if they were in yet.  She reported back to me that they were in and purchased!  That seemed like it took forever to arrive – I’ve been looking for the past 2 weeks.  My neighbor said that the local planting date around here is St. Patrick’s Day; everybody knows it and she’s right. 

We both agreed that planting now was a bad idea and she asked if I kept notes last year like she does.  Yes I do, but I didn’t plant potatoes last year.  She said she planted her potatoes (and I’m assuming the peas, onions and such) March 28th last year (2010) due to weather.  So, I am on track and so are you if you are planning to garden a little in your own backyard this year.

You have a good week to week and a half to plan and purchase your potato seed if you want to take advantage of the seasonal timing; you can plant later, it will just harvest later that’s all.  Have fun with it.  The Yukon golds can get to a nice size, I think everyone is familiar with the sizing of the red potatoes, they sell the blue fleshed ones here but they grow small like new potato size; but fun for kids and such.

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