First Planting of the season! (pics)

19 Mar

The rain has staved off for a few days and is supposed to come back sometime this weekend.  While the weather was holding today, I planted:

Potatoes — Dug a trench about 8-10 deep, mounding the dirt on either side of the row.  The potato seed is cut up into 1-2 inch pieces, each piece having 2 or more “eyes” on it.  I plant those chunks then an additional 4 inches deep in that trench.  The plan is to mound the dirt up around the plants as they grow.  This is also known as “hilling”.  So, when the plants grow 6-8 inches I will mound that dirt I left out on the sides into that trench so they are covered about half way.  This will encourage more potatoe growth.  I sprinkled a time release fertilizer in the dirt too and scratched it in.

Red Norland Potatoes to be planted

Carrots– Next to the potatoes I sprinkled some carrot seeds.  My neighbor told me that they take forever to germinate (upto 3 weeks) – so I will not be discouraged.  I will keep an eye out and be sure to thin them properly so that they will not become mangled upon each other; I want straight carrots.

Snap Peas — You see those stakes (t-posts) in my pictures?  Well that is where I planted my snap peas.  I hung some chicken wire on one side of the posts and fencing wire on the other half; I used what I have laying around.  I am not sure how tall they will grow; but I wanted to provide some support.  I planted 2 rows on either side of these staked areas.

Snap Peas planted on each side of the staked trellises (4 rows)

Lettuce, Arugula, Spinach — I had already started some of these indoors, so I just decided to plant the sprouts in the garden and just see how they fared.  I was going to also direct seed these, but then thought I would wait a couple of weeks so that I would have a steady stream of them to harvest.  I moved these items from where I was originally going to plant them.  I planted them in an area that does not have as much sun in the summer time so they won’t bolt and go to seed quickly.  Trying something new.

Seedlings that I started indoors (you can also direct seed)

Asparagus/Strawberries — Hopefully you can see the strawberries and the 2 asparagus rows that I have (they are bordered with that grass so I can keep an eye on them).  Asparagus takes some time to grow before you can really harvest them (a couple of years).  I had to add some more asparagus – we’ll see how it goes.

Asparagus and strawberry patch coming to life after the winter

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