You can still plant today-Rain coming this week

20 Mar

It’s very windy out, but if you can deal with it you can put in your early spring seeds in today still.  I’d recommend only planting potatoes, peas, onion sets.  You can also purchase and plant lettuce starts.   Anything that requires only 1/4 inch or sowing depth I’d wait until after the wind, unless your garden area is well sheltered from the wind.

The rain is supposed to start tomorrow and continue all week.  I am depending on the rain to water in my seeds to start the germination process.  I did not water yesterday – I just put them in the ground and covered them up waiting for mother nature to take over.

If you haven’t shopped for your seeds yet, you can wait until this storm passes and wait a few days after the rain to let the soil drain a bit and go ahead and plant.  Also, pick up a vegetable fertilizer (preferably organic or a time release one) to sprinkle in the rows of your garden.  I spread some over the existing perennials and newly planted items yesterday also.

I have  a few things that I’m still waiting to plant which I have already started indoors; broccoli and walla walla onions seedlings.  My onion seedlings are different from sets you’d buy in stores, which would look like onion bulbs.  Throughout this next week, I will post the veggies that I am preparing to plant on the next break in the weather.

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