Rain – Let’s talk about Sprays/Compost/Worms

21 Mar

The rain started late last night and is supposed to continue off and on for the rest of the week.  Let’s talk about a couple of other things:

Dormant Spray on Trees/Shrubs- A good idea is to have Dormant oil spray put on your trees and bushes.  A couple of weeks ago I called Senske to spray my trees and shrubs to kill off overwintering pests and whatnot.  Here in Idaho I’d recommend it as there seems to be so many bugs here.  Senske does it for $40 (upto 5000 sf) which is worth the time, materials and knowhow saved on my part and cheaper than replacing the trees/shrubs.  You want to do this sometime in Feb-March when temps are around 32F still and before buds break.  Mine has been postponed due to weather, but is still on the books to be done.  You still have time if you do it quickly. 

Composting – In my garden pictures, there is a black thing you can see.  That is my tumbling composter.  This is the second attempt at composting our family has done.  Our first attempt, literally went up in flames with my husband’s “help”.  You can pick this tumbling composter up at Costco for $100 – we did about a month ago.  It takes 1 adult and 1 tween to put together (2 hours).  This is CHEAP for a tumbling composter.  I could use 2.  Tumbling helps aerate/mix it better which allows for faster breakdown of materials.  We also purchased a countertop compost holder, which I’d recommend after using a bowl for a couple of months.  Starbucks also gives away huge bags of coffee grounds too.  Anyways, it’s on its way.  I’ll take some pictures later and post.  Usually it is recommended to place your composter in an easily accessible place so you’ll be motivated to use it.  I say that it is pretty unsightly and you should put it near where you will be using the end product – I think you either commit to it or you don’t.

Worms – Because I don’t have enough to do with my days my husband also ordered 1000 worms and signed me up for worm farming on top of it all.  He apparently did some research and discovered that they live well in the composter – I just hope they don’t mind the tumbling.  No only are these worms supposed to decompose things faster, make the compost richer with their casings, they will come in handy fishing this summer up at the cabin.  Our kids go through 1-2 containers of worms per day catching/releasing fish up a the lake.  I think if it all goes well, we’ll break even by the end of the season with our initial investment ($70) and start saving money next year!!!  What a great way for the kids to become interested in, stay interested in, and learn about composting by integrating the worm factor!  My kids are on top of it because they don’t want the worms to die (and neither does my husband).

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