Update on Early Spring Plantings…

29 Mar

We had a lot of rain this week as well as light frost.  The lettuce/spinach has made it through pretty well; only a couple of them appear to have not made it throught the transplanting. And mind you I didn’t harden them off – I just went and planted the seedlings straight from inside to outside.

Nothing else has sprouted from initial plantings (potato, carrots, peas) as I suspected they would not.  Right now it is upto mother nature for the moisture and temperature.  We got the water, now we are waiting for the temps to rise so that the seeds will germinate.

I did notice, however, that I have some “volunteer” parsnips sprouting which must be left over from last year.  They resemble carrots but are white and taste much spicier.  My kids didn’t like them so I decided not to replant them this year – but SURPRISE!  looks like at least a couple have overwintered and will be waiting for me.  I like them and they are really easy to grow from seed; just thin them like I suggested for the carrots.

If you want to plant early spring vegetables later this week would be a great time to get them in the ground.  Weather is expected to be very nice.

Sidenote on irrigation:  I am mentioning I am leaving upto mother nature for both water and temps.  Where I live, houses usually have 2 types of water; potable water for the house and irrigation water for the yards which is controlled by the city/county.  During the winter months the irrigation water main is turned off.  So, right now there is no irrigation water available to water yards.  the only way to water would be to use the “house” water – which there are spigots, but the water is expensive.  Irrigation water will be available for use sometime in May if I remember correctly.  So, until then I will rely mostly on mother nature and a watering can if need be the case.

Update on my dormant spraying – Senske came out when there was an appropriate break in the weather and sprayed all of my trees and shrubs.  Again, a super deal at $40 for up to 5000 s.f.  He was in and out in under 30 minutes- the equipment: the long hose hooked upto a small tanker truck filled with the spray and they can spray super high into your tree limbs generously. Well worth the $40 to save my time (trip to purchase, purchase, mix, refill, pump up an air pressured 2 gallon sprayer)

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