What’s Sprouting in the Vegetable Garden

02 Apr

Since my planting of the seeds not much has been going on in the garden.  It’s been raining on and off.  Thursday and Friday were beautiful days.

Asparagus:The more established asparagus is beginning to poke through the ground.  It doesn’t all come up at once, each spear is on its own time table.  You’ll recall that I planted some additional asparagus roots too.  I dont’ expect to be harvesting any of them.  You really have to invest time with this crop and remember that it’s a perennial and will come back each year so put it in a place you won’t disturb.

Lettuce:  I made a succession planting of seeds next to the seedlings I planted weeks ago.  Nothing big enough to harvest yet, but most of it is doing well.

Sage, Parsley, chives:  Sage is sending up new shoots, chives are growing rapidly and the parsley seeds which dropped the year before are germinated and showing their true leaves (lots of parsley which I will have to thin so they don’t choke the chives).  Again, leave these where you won’t disturb them they come back year after year.

Peas, Potatoes,carrots – nothing happening on the surface yet.  Just a wait and see game.  (I did have left over potatoes and stuck them in the ground next to where I’ll plant tomatoes.  Unplanned, but I didn’t want to waste them)

I had started some other seeds indoors on those peat pellets and transplanted those into larger 4″ containers or party cups. tomatoes, peppers (which finally germinated!), onions, dill, cilantro, broccoli (which I might actually just put into the garden with a water bottle greenhouse over it).


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