What’s Sprouting & Additional Vegetable Plantings

08 Apr

Well, in the last 5 or so days since my last post, the snap peas have emerged from the ground!   Also, a few of the carrot seeds have germinated, seriously, only about 2 (it’s a start).

I also purchased the materials for my tomato hedgerows.  I kept a lookout for the sale on these items at our local feed/supply store!  I bought 12-6 1/2 foot Tposts at about $5/ea.  1 Ranch Panel (taller) and 1 Hog Panel (shorter and slats closer together at bottom for climbers to really grab onto) at about $18/ea.  These panels come in 16 feet lengths so I paid the extra $1 per “cut” and had each panel cut in half (my rows will not be 16 ft long).  This came with little wire “U”s (I’ll call them “fence hanger thingys”) to attach the panels to the posts.  So for another $100 I have some sturdy “trellissing” for tomatoes and pole beans (although could be used for cucumbers, melons, eggplant, anything that climbs).  These materials should last me years and years; so the investment should be worth it over the long haul. HINT:  I saw some random (meaning not full lengths) of panelling setting there and asked if they had any plans for it.  The guy said “I’m about to take it to the garbage”.  I offered to “take it to the dump” for him to save him some time.  I ended up with 3-4 foot lengths of additional panelling to use for possibly something else (that’s about $18 free!).  So ASK!

If the weather holds this weekend I will plant the onion starts and some additional onion sets I purchased.  I got to thinking that we do use a lot of onions and green onions; so I may as well plant as much as I can. (NOTE: Don’t fear changing your garden plan!  It’s just a plan.  You can change it as you go along)  I’ve never tried “green onion” growing before, but the directions say to plant the onion set bulbs close together and just harvest them when they look like green onions.  For larger onions, plant further apart and wait longer.  I bought both yellow and red (100 in ea. pack for $1.99/pk – on sale!).  I think I may put the brocolli starts in too and shield them with Pop Bottle domes for protection.  When I do this I will put pictures up.


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