Tomatoes in and sprouting veggies…

21 Apr

It’s been awhile….I have been busy in the garden these past couple of weeks.

2 weeks ago – I installed my tomato and pole bean hedgerows.  Installing these took several hours because I lacked the post driver to drive the T-posts into the ground.  Instead I used a metal mallet which overworked my hand (if you have the proper tools, it would take you less than an hour).  I hung the ranch panels and hog panel sections onto the t-posts about 8-12 inches off of the ground.  It was a nice day and about this time, you just have to keep an eye out for days like these to get in a few hours work.

1 week ago – Broccoli – Another nice Sunday afternoon, I planted my broccoli starts that were started in february.  I didn’t harden them off.  Again, I just don’t have the patience to do this.  I used the “sf” method for this and planted 9 plants in a 3′ x 3′ section.  It should work well in theory; we’ll see how many make it.  ONION SETS – I may have mentioned that I think I am going onion crazy this year.  I planted 2 sf of onions – about 36 in one square foot as these are intended to be green onions and you plant them side by side – so I figure 12 per row and 3 rows – the 2nd sf I planted 12 for “big” onions 4″ apart.  Only one has sprouted in the past week. POTATOES – are sprouting and I will wait until they grow about 6 inches and then hill with dirt.

Earlier This Week – EARLY Planting of Tomatoes – I dug 5 holes about a foot deep in between my hedgerow, put fertilizer in the hole and transplanted the seedlings I started in February.  I planted them with just several leaves showing at the top (stripping off the lower leaves).  WALLS OF WATER – When Planting Tomatoes early like this you need to protect them.  Walls of Water are like individual plastic greenhouses with tubes on the sides that you fill with water.  The water heats up with the sun and stays warm and insulates at night.  You can use these on a variety of plants to plant them up to 8 wks earlier than you would without using them.  I am playing it safe this year doing this now; last year we got snow at the end of April.  I plan on using them with my peppers when they grow big enough to transplant.

IRRIGATION – my irrigation was turned on April 1, but I had to fix a ball valve in the garden and turned on when I planted tomatoes.  I have laid out the emitter hoses along my rows, but since it still raining off and on, I haven’t turned on the timers.  I mulched the tomato rows with dried leaves/grass to prevent weed growth.  So although the garden may appear messy, it is that way for a reason.

I was going to take pics today but it is raining.  So, as soon as it’s nice I will post in this blog as well as in the photo section.

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