Harvesting in the garden already

02 May

I am already able to harvest mesclun lettuce from the garden, along with spinach and arugula.  I had started these by seed indoors in February and the warm indoor temperature allowed them to germinate rather quickly.  I cut the outer, bigger leaves leaving the babies to grow a little bit to continue feeding us.

You’ll recall that I transplanted them in mid-march into the garden and then a couple of weeks later made a succession planting.  Due to the much lower outdoor temperatures, those seed have germinated and are growing slowly.

I hope to continue succession planting on the greens each month or so so that I can have salad greens all the time.

Right now, what I am harvesting, I am mixing in with bagged baby spinach purhcased at the store, but there is enough to feed 2 people alone – but I’ve got 5 to feed, so I supplement it with the cheaper spinach.

Onion bulbs – have sprouted (both the green onions and the big onions).  I’ve still got to transplant the walla walla starts I began in Feb.  They are still growing in their cups indoors doing fine.

Bell Peppers – Still have those indoors and intend on planting them and putting the walls of water around them. 

That will round out everything I’ve started indoors and then I will wait until about mid May to direct seed the beans, squashes, and whatever else I feel like.


2 responses to “Harvesting in the garden already

  1. Motormouth

    May 2, 2011 at 11:54 pm

    Terrific! I wish I’d planted leeks — organic ones are $4.69/lb at the co-op. Is it too late? Here in New England we’ve only had rain. –Lynn

  2. Idaho Home Grown

    May 3, 2011 at 12:34 am

    I know, produce prices have really shot up! It’s time to take the offensive. Yes, plant leeks, but start them indoors to germinate the seeds (or buy transplants). used lots of compost if you can. They take almost 3 mos. to mature. they prefer moist, but not water logged. harvest late summer early fall (assuming you plant in may/june).shafts should be 1 1/2″-2″ diameter. Use the sf method and I bet you could get 18 p/s/f (6 on either edge, 6 middle)


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