Do Overs –what??!

03 May

I direct seeded carrot seeds in my garden and I swore I saw at least 2 or 3 sprout up.  Now there are NONE!  My neighbor, who is a very experienced gardener warned me about waiting and watching the carrots; that they took forever to germinate.  Well, now I am not sure if they ever will.

Also, the dog has been following me in and out of the garden and of course she prefers to walk on top of the mounds and I always have to shoo her off.  That’s why my ghetto fence is there (she also steals ripe fruit to eat).  She like to lay on the warm mounds of dirt or lay on the shaded cool dirt.  I wonder if she picked up the carrot seeds in her feet and fur and carried them away?  I saw paw prints over there…..

I think I will germinate some seeds indoors on those peat pellets to make sure.  And I will again direct seed.  I have to remember to thin them so they can grow as straight as possible and not be crowded and knarly.  And to think carrots are supposed to be easy?


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