Almost Genius Idea — ReUsing Quart Jars

05 May

This week is teacher appreciation week and as usual I am running totally last minute. My almost genius idea was to make those cookie mixes in the mason jars – but I’ve never done this before.  My girlfriend has a few of these recipe type books for cookies, cakes, soups in a jar mixes.  My nail lady also told me to look up “gift in a jar” on the internet too.

Since I preserve, I already have jars with already used lids/seals (which you usually don’t reuse again to seal) and their bands!  Layered the ingredients.  Very easily done.  The time consuming part was crafting up some wordart for some jar labels/inserts to go underneath the band showing the instructions and then taping a ring of ribbon around that band to add the finishing touch.

Then my genius kicked in…..Idaho doesn’t recycle glass; so I thought that in the future I would save any quart jars from other purchases with their lids and save them for future repurposing.  For example, use a RAGU jar for one of these gifts in a jar.  Of course, it will require me to cover the lid with cloth and string and convert the lid label/instructions into a tag to attach around the jar lid, but that will save the $1 for the cost of the jar (assuming you can scrounge some fabric, string, card stock at the store, goodwill, attic, neighbor) to decorate lids with.  Wanted to pass it on….Give gifts whose components are repurposed, that the recipients can use and maybe reuse or recycle!

One son reported much excitement expressed by his teachers (6 in all).  I also donated a couple to the kitchen basket the kindergarten class is supposed to put together for the carnival.  I still have one to give out.  Much thanks to my friend Dawn who lent me the recipe books!

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One response to “Almost Genius Idea — ReUsing Quart Jars

  1. Richelle

    May 5, 2011 at 1:56 am

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!!!! Can you post pictures?


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