Planting the Vegetable Garden

11 May

I couldn’t wait until May 7th (or the snow melting).  I took my chances a few days earlier….But, now is the time to plant a majority of your summer harvesting seeds or transplants.  Here is what I planted last Friday (okay only 3 days early…):

Pole Beans, Wax Bush Beans, walla walla onion transplants, bell pepper transplants, paddy pan squash (3 seeds), more brocolli (9 seeds), and more carrot seeds.  (and I dont’ think those carrots will ever grow).  I also threw down some marigold seeds collected from last year’s flowers along the edges of the beds near the walkway to keep away bad bugs – it works.  orange and red/orange.  I just hope that when they sprout I don’t kill them by mistaking them for weeds.  I also started inside some basil my son collected from plants a couple of years ago and they are sprouting and some antique flowers he picked out.  I can’t remember their names, they are really tall like 8′ tall and perrenial and the flowers pop up along the tall stem.  they come in all colors and look like weeds when they first start growing.  Ron’s grandmother grows them; they are an old fashioned type flower….

Here’s what I have already planted, sugar peas (about 12″ tall), yellow and red onions, green onions (6-8 ” tall), mesclun,spinach, arugula (harvesting), asparagus (older ones ready to harvest, new ones spindly but 10″ tall), chives (have flowers), flat leaf parley (harvesting), dill (6″ tall), cilantro (6″ tall), Sage (12″ tall).  Already a smashing success in my book.

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One response to “Planting the Vegetable Garden

  1. Kathleen

    May 11, 2011 at 1:50 pm

    Wow, Carolyn. Can’t wait to see pictures later in the season. Sounds like you have really mastered that area of your yard.


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