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It’s going to take off soon…

The kids harvested a big colander full of snap peas, parsley and a couple bunches of green onions.  They are sitting on the corner trying to sell their wares – see another benefit of growing your own vegetables:  The kids will leave you alone for at least an hour if making some money is possible.

It’s finally starting to heat up here.  The Green Beans are starting to wrap their tendrils around the support fencing I put up.  The tomatoes are growing rather quickly.  the zuchinni and squashes look like they are going to blossom soon.  Broccoli still growing. Potatoes, peppers, cantelopes and onions growing along.

I expect to harvest beans, zuc/squash in July/aug. Potatoes and onions I expect to start harvesting in Aug/sept and the cantelopes around sept. Tomatoes Aug-Oct. Peppers – ??I’ve never had good luck, but July/august I suspect.

The succession planting of wax beans are also starting to sprout while the other ones continue to grow rather slowly. Hopefully the weather will coax them on.  The basil is not doing anything and I’m not sure if it’s because the birds keep eating the sprouts?  I just never quite catch them in the act.  I am trying to start some inside.


The Harvest Has Started! Plus Additional Planting.

Well, I am proud to say that I am beginning to harvest the sugar snap peas and the broccoli now.   Here is a Sample Picture .

One Head of broccoli & Sugar Snap Peas Harvested Sunday 6/12/11

The kids were itching to start cutting all two heads of the ready broccoli and pick all the peas.  I had to stop them at just this Sunday night.  There’s no better way to get your kids eating vegetables like growing them yourselves!  No Lie.  I was hounded to prepare this small bounty Sunday night, which I did and it was eaten with gusto.  Andrew tells me this is his favorite time of the year in the garden; time to search and harvest for things.  Wyatt loves to plant the seeds and Austin just likes to eat the food.  They actually provide little tours of the garden to their friends – it’s so neat to see their pride in it all.  They are making plans to sell the goods too.

I harvested the second head of broccoli yesterday along with another bowl of peas which one my sons ate raw that afternoon while reading.  The sugar snap peas have edible pods and are like the ones in the Costco Veggie Platters.  You can steam them, throw in stir fry, or eat raw.

Broccoli – It seems to be growing at different rates all by itself, so I am not inundated with a lot of fresh broccoli at once.  I am able to harvest several days apart and eat freshly picked so far.

Yesterday we succession planted: more walla walla seeds, green onions bulbs, paddy pan seed, zucchini seed, yellow squash seed, watermelon seed (new), red pepper starts (new), big bertha pepper starts (new), wax bean seed, carrot seed again!  I already have 4 california wonder peppers planted but they never seem to do well – so I put in some others to see what happens and I can freeze the excess.


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Thinking about Canning or Preserving?

Think ahead.  If canning or preserving is something you have thought about doing or have already done don’t forget about your local library.  If you have never canned before, please start out by canning high acid foods only (jams, jellies, tomatoes, pickling) as you really only need a big, deep pot and you can even string some bands (lids) together to make a rack to lift jars off the bottom.  In some areas the “canning pots” are really expensive during some times at the year.  You can buy the Water Bath Canning pots here at Walmart during the summer for $20 – but later in the year that same pot will be $60-$80. Definitely not worth more than the $20 – make it yourself with an existing pot.

Another genius moment!  Check out these gardening and canning books at the library several months before you actually need them to ensure you get them to review.  This is a problem around my parts as many people garden and preserve.

I have 2 types of “canners” – a water bath canner for high acid foods and I received a “pressure canner” at Christmas for low acid foods.  I have checked out several books on the subject.  they have been informative and given me even more ideas about how to preserve me harvest.  I will revisit this subject later.


Vegetable Garden Update

I’ve been silent for several weeks watching the garden grow.  I find that I have not bee good at following my garden plan to a “T”; but that’s how I roll. Here’s a quick update

snap peas, onions, brocolli, peppers, pole beans, wax beans, squash, potatoes, carrots trying...

Salad Greens – harvested and enjoyed – could even continue to succession plant. I think it’s time for me to pull the 1st set as they have bolted and gone to flower – maybe I’ll harvest some seeds from it to keep though.

Sugar Snap Peas – 4ft high now, they have climbed nicely up the chicken wire and are start to blossom.  It shouldn’t be too long now.

Brocolli – Some are defininately growing faster than others.  There are little florets of brocolli growing.  I have succession planted some too.  The square foot gardening technique here looks a little crowded because of the leaves.  I’ll keep you updated

Onions – they are growing fine.  the “Green onions” are great and have been harvested and succession planted – “big onion” are growing slowly but well.

Pole Beans – Planted and sucession planted in early and late May sprouted and are a couple of inches tall

Paddy Pan Squash & zuchinni- Planted 3 & 2 and they are small

Potatoes – growing strong and I continue to hill them

Tomatoes – growing well with walls of water around them.  I am leaving on for now because the weather here is not consistent.

Peppers – 2 in walls of water and 2 out – they are all alive and growing rather slowly.  They are about 8-12 inches tall

Strawberries – green and starting to show berries – have to watch those birds!

Basil & carrots – Okay, a couple of carrot seed FINALLY sprouted although I have given up on them; we’ll just see what happens.  Basil seed was set out and sprouted and the birds ate them so I planted more.

Cantelope – Planted 3 seeds and they have sprouted but will not do much now until the heat comes, my plan is to grow something around them in the meantime.

I still have a few things left to plant if I find the room or when I harvest those early spring crops (lettuces, snap peas, brocolli).  I now need to devote time to weeding in the garden.