Thinking about Canning or Preserving?

08 Jun

Think ahead.  If canning or preserving is something you have thought about doing or have already done don’t forget about your local library.  If you have never canned before, please start out by canning high acid foods only (jams, jellies, tomatoes, pickling) as you really only need a big, deep pot and you can even string some bands (lids) together to make a rack to lift jars off the bottom.  In some areas the “canning pots” are really expensive during some times at the year.  You can buy the Water Bath Canning pots here at Walmart during the summer for $20 – but later in the year that same pot will be $60-$80. Definitely not worth more than the $20 – make it yourself with an existing pot.

Another genius moment!  Check out these gardening and canning books at the library several months before you actually need them to ensure you get them to review.  This is a problem around my parts as many people garden and preserve.

I have 2 types of “canners” – a water bath canner for high acid foods and I received a “pressure canner” at Christmas for low acid foods.  I have checked out several books on the subject.  they have been informative and given me even more ideas about how to preserve me harvest.  I will revisit this subject later.


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