Vegetable Garden Update

08 Jun

I’ve been silent for several weeks watching the garden grow.  I find that I have not bee good at following my garden plan to a “T”; but that’s how I roll. Here’s a quick update

snap peas, onions, brocolli, peppers, pole beans, wax beans, squash, potatoes, carrots trying...

Salad Greens – harvested and enjoyed – could even continue to succession plant. I think it’s time for me to pull the 1st set as they have bolted and gone to flower – maybe I’ll harvest some seeds from it to keep though.

Sugar Snap Peas – 4ft high now, they have climbed nicely up the chicken wire and are start to blossom.  It shouldn’t be too long now.

Brocolli – Some are defininately growing faster than others.  There are little florets of brocolli growing.  I have succession planted some too.  The square foot gardening technique here looks a little crowded because of the leaves.  I’ll keep you updated

Onions – they are growing fine.  the “Green onions” are great and have been harvested and succession planted – “big onion” are growing slowly but well.

Pole Beans – Planted and sucession planted in early and late May sprouted and are a couple of inches tall

Paddy Pan Squash & zuchinni- Planted 3 & 2 and they are small

Potatoes – growing strong and I continue to hill them

Tomatoes – growing well with walls of water around them.  I am leaving on for now because the weather here is not consistent.

Peppers – 2 in walls of water and 2 out – they are all alive and growing rather slowly.  They are about 8-12 inches tall

Strawberries – green and starting to show berries – have to watch those birds!

Basil & carrots – Okay, a couple of carrot seed FINALLY sprouted although I have given up on them; we’ll just see what happens.  Basil seed was set out and sprouted and the birds ate them so I planted more.

Cantelope – Planted 3 seeds and they have sprouted but will not do much now until the heat comes, my plan is to grow something around them in the meantime.

I still have a few things left to plant if I find the room or when I harvest those early spring crops (lettuces, snap peas, brocolli).  I now need to devote time to weeding in the garden.


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