It’s going to take off soon…

21 Jun

The kids harvested a big colander full of snap peas, parsley and a couple bunches of green onions.  They are sitting on the corner trying to sell their wares – see another benefit of growing your own vegetables:  The kids will leave you alone for at least an hour if making some money is possible.

It’s finally starting to heat up here.  The Green Beans are starting to wrap their tendrils around the support fencing I put up.  The tomatoes are growing rather quickly.  the zuchinni and squashes look like they are going to blossom soon.  Broccoli still growing. Potatoes, peppers, cantelopes and onions growing along.

I expect to harvest beans, zuc/squash in July/aug. Potatoes and onions I expect to start harvesting in Aug/sept and the cantelopes around sept. Tomatoes Aug-Oct. Peppers – ??I’ve never had good luck, but July/august I suspect.

The succession planting of wax beans are also starting to sprout while the other ones continue to grow rather slowly. Hopefully the weather will coax them on.  The basil is not doing anything and I’m not sure if it’s because the birds keep eating the sprouts?  I just never quite catch them in the act.  I am trying to start some inside.


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