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Planting Garlic in Southwestern Idaho

Well, I am starting to think about seriously putting in the Fall crops as I mentioned in an earlier post.  I also want to plant my own garlic so I did a little research.  Here is a link that explains a little bit about the types of garlic and it specifically points out timing here in the Pacific Northwest.  Be sure to mulch the ground over with dried leaves, dried grass/hay or even shredded paper to insulate through the winter.

You would harvest in Mid Summer which is about late July.  I love how the poster of the link above said the reliable garlic came from safeway.  to think I was worrying about where to get it?

P.S.  I learned this fact from you tube; but did you know that much of our garlic comes from China?  about 70% of it does.  Yes, shocking, but then not so much as it seems everything comes from china….


Living Off the Land

Grilled Kokanee with Sugar Peas & Wax Beans sautéed w/ green onions

Above is what I made for dinner last night.  The veggies were harvested from the garden.  This is about the last of the sugar peas and the beginning of the yellow wax beans.  I sautéed them with green onions growing in the garden.  My husband and sons fished out many Kokanee from a local lake and brought them home.  This is an example of how our family often eats.  I am proud of their sportsmanship.  My sons are very proud to provide their mother with meat for the family; it also gives them a sense of purpose and usefulness (we all need to feel useful & needed).  The kokanee was simply dressed with olive oil, dill (which does grow in my garden – but I was lazy and used dried), salt and lemon over the bbq.  We smoked the rest of the fillets.

This is where the blog starts going into the topic of hunting and fishing.  That time of year is around the corner; What time?  Fall – The Hunt…..As we round out the vegetable growing season, look forward to topics including canning and hunting game meat to carry the family throught the winter months back into next Spring.


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Fall Planting Starts Now

The local paper has a regular gardening column and that is today’s title. I have already been thinking about what to plant and how to get my hands on certain items.

Margaret Lauterbach who authors the column says that we count back from th e average date of first killing frost, which is Obtober 9th here in the Boise/Treasure Valley area, then to compare this date to the crop maturity date and plan on a harvest before Oct. 9th (with some flexibility).

She says to start your seeds indoor for Fall brocolli, cabbage, asian greens, collards, the other brocolli relations. Also, plant fall crops of root veggies (carrots, beets, turnips, etc) outdoors into the dirt.

I might try cabbage – we like that. But I also want to plant leeks and garlic. I might plug along and try the carrots again – because the 2 that germinated from a whole packet in the spring are still alive. I will have to ask my neighbor about the garlic – where she buys it as I can’t seem to find it and I am wondering if the garlic I buy at the market will work? I’ll research that one…


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Summer Blossoms

Left the garden for a week and came back to very swollen sugar snap peas. Over the last weeks I have harvested approximately 7 large colanders full of peas. The peas I came home to were too large to eat with the pod so I spent an hour and a half shelling them. The peas inside varied in size from petite size peas to small marble sized. I place them on a cookie sheet to freeze them. It was a lot of work to shell and I think I got 4-6 cups of peas out of it. The broccoli bolted (which means it want to start going to flower) and I still cut it off and plan to use the bits and stalk pieces to make a cream of brocolli soup to freeze for later. I should have cut the heads before I left; knowing the heat was coming. I think I was getting greedy wanting them to grow a little bit bigger. Too hot now. I will have to see maybe if I’m up for a late summer planting to harvest in Fall – summer is just to hot here for broccoli.

Green beans are starting to take off and crawl up the trellis I made. The earlier planted wax beans have immature beans on them and the extra pkg I planted are sprouted and growing. This will mean that I will be able to spread the harvest out. These beans just really appear to want the heat to germinate and sprout.

The squash, zuchinni are starting to have flowers and the watermelon and catelopes are really starting to take off now too. My oldest planted pumpkin seeds and those have sprouted and are on their way (I only hope they don’t take over).
Tomatoes are growing and I have a few fruit on one of the plants. My hedgerow isn’t going exactly as I planned; I think I placed the trellis too far apart. I still think it’s a good idea; I’ll have to place the trellis closer together next year. We’ll still observe through the growing season.

I have a lot of weeds in the garden and it is overwhelming. I did spray some before I left. It seems that for each 1 I sprayed, 5 more replaced it.


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