Zuchinni, Crook Neck, BEANS and Potatoes

01 Aug

After a week’s vacation I returned to a bounty of vegetables needing to be picked from the garden.

I planted Striped zucchini (which I can never spell correctly) and it is beautiful.  Even before I left it started producing – but I’ve come home to a few monsters which I will use for zucchini bread.  I’ve also chopped it up to include in marinara pasta.  If you get a lot of zucchini, I’ve found that shredding and freezing for bread making is fine, but I don’t freeze or can zucchini because no-one would eat it this way.

Before I left the crook neck squash was just making the babies – so of course there were some very large ones upon my return.  They are delicious as well and are coming on strong.  For some reason yellow squashes I’ve planted seem to just make so many squashes that you can’t keep on top of even eating them.  And they don’t freeze well, in my opinion, and I don’t think I will pickle them.  I just need to find a lot of friends or bring to church.

Wax Beans – about 3-4 pounds waiting to be picked.  GREEN BEANS – About a pound to be picked. there are a lot of skinny baby ones and they will be ready later this week. I saved about a pound in the fridge for steaming later this week, but canned the rest in the pressure canner.  They are now safely stored in my pantry.  I also make a mean dilly bean with these beans which go great in bloody marys and salads or even on an appetizer plate.

Potatoes – The boys love to dig.  So my eldest, along with the neighbor boy, went to work and must have brought in about 20 or so pounds of red norland and yukon gold potatoes.  I must tell you that I am so excited about eating these yukon golds; our neighbor harvested some last year and I swear they were the best baked potato I’ve ever eaten (and yes I’ve had store bought ones before)!  There are more potatoes out there – I just have to go and finish up the job.  I can save some of the baby ones and replant, overwinter for a harvest next year.  Of course I sent the neighbor boy home with a “commission” of goods for his services.

Tomatoes – starting to come to life!  Harvested about 7 so far but there are many ripening on the vine.  I chopped up what we didn’t eat for dinner last night and canned them in the pressure canner (only 2 pint jars) – one “took” one didn’t.

There are cantaloupes on their vines and the paddy pan squash are finally doing something.  Pumpkins, onions, watermelon doing well.  Even a few more carrots sprouted (which my son tells me is because the pumpkin leaves are shading them – it’s too hot for them to grow he says….I wonder).  It’s going to be a busy month in the garden.

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