Late August Harvesting

24 Aug

Here is an updated photo of my garden.

My Garden August 2011

As I said way in the beginning, it is absolutely ghetto fabulous!  My garden is functional and not beautiful.  My husband can’t stand it how it looks, but he LOVES the produce from it.  We headed out of town for the weekend and I harvested a little bit before we left- not even 10 minutes worth of time.  Here is a picture of what I harvested to take with us out of town:

Thursday or Friday 8/18 or 8/19 harvest before the weekend.

Tonight, I went out there to catch up after the weekend.  Here is my bounty:

Tues., August 23rd

another view 8/23/11

A lot happens in just a few days.  When I say I pick a colander of beans, this is exactly what I mean.  Lot’s of paddy pan squash – those are those light green/white looking saucer things in the back left. Bell peppers, a random cucumber fo the one plant that lived, a striped zucchini, lots of crook neck squash, 7 cantaloupes, and quite a little bundle of heirloom tomatoes.  Too much for me to eat.  I think I will can the beans and work on the tomatoes this week, but take the squash to the food pantry at church and give to friends/neighbors.  My husband will be thrilled about these first cantaloupes — I have to keep the eagle eye on the dog now – she sees the sweet tomatoes and smells the cantaloupe!! Plus the boys fed her a wedge of one and she has the taste of it.  Watermelons still growing along as pumpkins and still more little bell peppers, beans, squash, cantaloupe and tomatoes.  Oh, I harvested several onions too as their branches got crushed – so I need to let them cure a couple of days outside to let the skin form and then bring them into the dark to store as I did with the potatoes (which we are still eating from). YUM!

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