Freeze your peppers

03 Sep

My peppers are coming in. I have too many to eat. One great way to use them is to make stuffed peppers. I notice sometimes that garden peppers are not as large or symetrical as those you find at the store. To use your garden peppers to stuff, cut them lengthwise in half and lay them on their sides (open faced, so to speak) and fill them that way.

But, with the rest of them, I chop them up and put 1-2 cups in foodsaver bags (or ziploc) and freeze for future use in eggs, potatoes, stir fry, chili, stews or marinara. This is the first time I have tried to “save” my peppers for future use. I’ve seen Frozen bags of peppers and onions at the supermarket for stirfry; so I figure I can do the same. I suppose you could even throw them in your autumun/winter salads. During the fall/winter, I make a lot of stir fry, it’s easy and filling and a one pot type meal that has veggies. For the stir fry batches, I will slice them into longer, thinner strips, (you don’t have too) because I prefer them this way in stir fry. This shouldn’t take a lot of freezer space – I can store in the “door” shelves in the outdoor freezer or even find space in the inside freezer.

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