Time to Start Cleaning Up!!

06 Sep

It’s that time of year to start pulling out the spent vegetables. Over the long weekend I decided to pull most of the squash plants (leaving 2 striped zuchinni which were planted a month or so later than the initial plantings). The left over zuchinni plants are rather small and don’t appear to be as vigorous as those planted earlier in the season; but we’ll see what happens. This year, these were all new varieties and I have some mental notes to take away with me.

The biggest plant was the ONE paddy pan squash; it was HUGE (I’d say it spread 6-7ft wide and 4 feet across and it was very heavy). It was still in the producing mode, but at this point I was just not willing to wait anymore; it just took so long to take off. Note: Next year plant 1 plant and give lots of room. Very good squash though, keeps it’s firmness when cooked; doesn’t turn soft/slimy.

Yellow squash (crookneck): Note; only 1 plant needed for my family of 5. Very vigorous, producing plant. So only plant more if you are going to donate. Nobody likes it here, so I think I will pass next year.

Striped Zuchinni: Plant 2 plants, succession plant at 2 wk intervals. Our family really liked these; not a lot of seeds and beautiful to look at. Not too vigorous at producing, so you don’t feel totally overwhelmed, but at times you do get many with a few plants.

Pickling Cucumbers: Only got one to grow – planted late. Will plant more next year to make a few jars of pickles.

Onions: We harvested most ofthem. Will plant lots next year too; great addition to the garden; very useful. Will continue to buy bulbs – would buy starts of others instead of growing myself – although I still have seeds and will use those.

Wax Beans: I am leaving for now and letting “die” out there in order to harvest bean/seeds for next year. This is a first try for me, so we will see how it goes. But, if I didn’t want to mess with collecting seeds; I would pull the first planting of these as they are at the end of their life. The second planting is still producing.

Green Beans: Are heading to their last legs, but still producing enough to feed the family. When they are no longer able to produce a large enough serving to feed the family, I will pull. I almost yanked them, but was talked out of it by my son.

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