Too many onions?? What to do with Garden Mishaps

08 Sep

I planted lots of onions this year – and it was the first time…..Had a mishap; a couple of months ago a large board fell on top of many onions and knocked over their stems which stunted their growth. And instead of moving the board, I propped it up and it fell again several times over a series on months onto the onions. I was left with many small sized onions. And really, I just ended up letting the boys just harvest them all for the most part; they just love the harvesting part of gardening. So, I’ve got all these little onions that I don’t want to let stale; I’m still just learning on long storage for the larger onions. Right now I’ve got them braided in a bowl on the floor of the pantry with the potatoes.

The point is, how do I use these onions? and not waste them? I am making several large batches of stew; a few different types. Get that slow cooker out and make a double batch of old fashioned beef stew and use these little “pearl onions” in that. I am also planning on making a beef burgandy stew with these little “pearl onions” – ya know some are bigger than pearl size, but I’ll cut ’em in half. I am also going to make a beef, mushroom gravy-ish stew that will use some of the onions too. I will double batch all these recipes and then freeze half for future consumption. They likely won’t last through next month even. EASY TO DO! USE your slow cooker and throw the pearl onions, carrots, peas, potatoes in last (1hr or so before you plan to eat – you don’t want them overcooked).

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Posted by on September 8, 2011 in 2011 Vegetable Garden


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