Another Great Meal – Get Creative, Don’t let the boredom get you.

29 Sep

Smoked Salmon Pasta w/ Garlic Cream Sauce, beans & cantelope

As we move foward into Fall, our family prepares for hunting and restocking the freezer. My reserves from last year are pretty much out; having had to purchase meat for the first time in a year the other week. We still have some Kokanee and smoked fish, and thankfully my husband returned from his Alaska hunting trip bearing gifts from friends while the moose is being processed and distributed amongst the hunting party. Gifts of Smoked Alaskan Salmon! However, after awhile, it can seem a little “boring” having the same thing to eat over and over (how spoiled are we?!) I bet the real pioneers never thought this way.

Anyway, I thawed a piece of that lovely Alaskan smoked Salmon out. HUGE, too much to eat in one night. The first night I served over greens (not very creative) with onions, bell peppers and tomatoes from the garden. I still had another couple pounds to use the next day, not wanting to waste it, I turned to a tried and true site: (formerly On this site you can do an “ingredient search” and then filter for what type of course – in my case a “main dish”. I turned out the above creation for dinner. Again, a fabulous, tasty meal where the main components were wild caught or grown. AND, the meal was not complicated to make; I detest dishes that require too much work in order for it to taste good. Don’t let boredom get to you!

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