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Seed Saving…..

It’s time to start thinking about shutting the garden down. This year I am going to try to save some seeds for next year’s garden. I picked up a magazine last year (heirloom gardening..or something to that effect) and there was an article on seed saving. I thought, I should be able to do this, after all the pioneers did!

Mainly, I am saving the beans and probably some tomatoes. Starting small……Really, maybe just the beans.

WAX Beans – leave unharvested beans on plant to dry for a good month. What I did was leave several wax beans on each plant behind during harvesting to “save” for seed saving. Most of those are now dry so I just plucked off these dried, withered bean pods and shelled them. The magazine said to make sure they are dry! That they should shatter with a hammer. I didn’t do this. They look pretty dry to me. I put them in paper envelopes and labeled them. We’ll see what happens next year.

GREEN Beans – well, surprisingly these are still growing. there were a few dried pods which I harvested the seeds and put in an envelope, but I still have to wait. IF these don’t dry before the first freeze (which is coming up FAST), it is suggested to pull the entire plant and hang in a garage to dry out. I don’t think I will get that far.

Tomatoes – Put the seeds (with pulp attached) into a cup and cover with water. Let sit and develop moldy film for 4 or so days then rinse in a fine mesh sieve and dry on wax paper. This process gets that pulp off and apparantly inhibits some bacterial growth…curious.

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