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Time for the countdown! Starting Seed Indoor?

It’s already here! Time to start thinking about what seed you will start indoors in the PacNW. Harvesting your own food; It’s not an off again, on again hobby. Our family recently finished butchering the elk my son harvested right before Christmas. We get to take January off! Only to start thinking seeds, starting late January, February.

If you are thinking of starting seeds, check out the seed savers exchange catalog. I received a membership from my husband for my birthday and the catalog has so many lovely heirloom choices!!! But, this year, I have so many leftovers – I doubt that I will order much, if any. Inventory any seeds you have and what you will need for starting seed indoor as well as your early spring plantings. And start making your garden plan for the year (as I will).
FEB-March – start seed indoors according to your last frost date.
Mid-March – Is timing to direct seed those early spring veggies, and if I am thinking correctly any started brocolli and plant potatoes and lettuces.

Note any big changes (here are a few of mine off the top of my head):

TOMATOES — One whole row devoted to tomatoes instead of the 5-6 plants. I notice that I use at least 1 quart jar of marinara sauce each month — and in addition, we use plenty of chopped tomatoes and sauce throughout the year. What I made this year will likely not last until next harvest.

PEPPERS – My 6 pepper plants were enough, I think – I still have a good frozen supply.

PEAS – shelling peas. I might plant more sugar peas and allow them to grow and shell OR plant specific shelling peas. The ones I shelled were the best peas I have ever eaten — so I’ll likely devote space for this purpose. AND the peas froze wonerfully!

CUCUMBERS – Might really try to plant pickling – depends on space.


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