Seed Starting Supplies at the Ready!

02 Feb

It is that time. Time to get your seed starting supplies out and get going. Don’t worry too much. I still have a mental inventory going in my mind of what I’ve got and what I need. I will have everything going no later than mid february. I am still waiting for seeds I ordered from seed-savers – and will deal with those when they arrive. ALSO MAKE YOUR GARDEN PLAN!!! (I need to get on this one too! will publish soon, last year’s is under resource tab)

I decided to switch out my starting strategy and NOT use the expandable peat pellets. Why? They dried out too quickly and the roots tended to stick out too much for the length of time I keep my starts indoors.

Instead I will purchase a couple of the plastic “cell” type starters. Like what you’d buy a 6pack of flowers in at the store – instead this size is about a cookie sheet and has (i don’t know) 60-72 cells? I will purchase soil to put into cells. This system should retain moisture much better and it’s reusable. The peat pots to me are just too expensive for the amount of starts I will do.

Remember, heat is what counts for germination (not light. Seeds are underground; they don’t get light; they respond to heat). The right temps are usually mid 60’s – 80 degrees. Cover with saran wrap to create a green house effect. I don’t have a warming mat. I cover with plastic wrap and put in a sunny window and this works for me.

Refer to my Resource Tab that has date table for seeds/starts. Start cool season crops brocolli, root veggies, onions from seed, lettuce (if you want-these usually germinate in colder temps fine), and other crops you want to get a jump on like peppers (for walls of water), tomatoes (for walls of water), zuchinni. Direct seed peas, lettuce. Plant potatoes in soil in mid-march. Just getting you thinking.

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