Winter Projects…..Winemaking and Beermaking

15 Mar

I have been meaning to mention this for the past month or so; but my husband and I were just getting anxious during the cold winter and being indoors more than usual. So we picked up some new hobbies:
Home Brewing and Home Winemaking

Surprisingly, winemaking is easier to make than beer, but takes longer to get to the final product. Beer making is not that hard; just more equipment – but you get to drink it a lot sooner.

I am the winedrinker in the house and for me, the best bet was to start with a wine kit. This kit has everything, ingredient wise, to make a wine of your choice. Right up my alley with raising 3 boys too. You need a fermenting bucket with airlock and some basic tools which can often be ordered in a wine making start kit. I also joined a wine making forum: — this forum is a great forum!

They are currently having a contest too that you are able to enter at the following link:

This could give you a leg up on any future winemaking endeavors. I will keep you posted…but I’ve got a merlot bulk aging, a red zin fermenting and a cab. sav. kit sitting in the wet bar ready to be made.

This has definitely taken away some of the winter blahs….

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