Pictures of my Backyard Idaho Vegetable Garden

It took me a couple of weeks, but here are some updated pictures of my early spring Plantings.  Now if you compare the actual plantings to my 2011 Garden plan under the resources tab, you will notice it is changed a little bit.  That happens, so don’t give yourself a hard time if you change yours too.  Sometimes I just don’t have that paper handy and I forget where I wanted to maybe put something, or I’ve just plain changed my mind.  OR, I have added more of one thing and need to just fit it in.

View of perennials, tomatoes, lettuces and future squashes
View of Sugar Peas, Brocolli, and future pole beans
Broccoli with plastic bottle greenhouses using sf method planting
Tomato in walls of water
Tomatoes in between the hedgerow with walls of water surrounding them

This is my garden in it’s Winter State.  The garden is located on the side of my house where it generally is not visible when entertaining or sitting on the patio.  Very functional, not beautiful.

From Winter, waking up into Spring

There is a main path which the kids laid out for me and mounded earth beds on either sides.  In the back area are the strawberries, and asparagus beds.  I use the dried ornamental grass clippling to “mulch” the areas where I walk; keeps the mud and a lot of weeds at bay.

Fencing – a must if you have pets of any size; My dogs likes to step all over the beds and lay around and even EAT my veggies right off the plant!  The nerve!  Very easing to do; I took some T-posts and a roll of galvanized wire fencing and put one together.  I had some left over hollow plastic fencing slats that I covered the t-posts with to really give it that ghetto fabulous look!  Hey, it works!!!

View from the lawn


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