Starter Vegetable Gardens. Pleasant, Barbara.  Storey, pub., 2010. Book provides different sets of garden plans for years 1-3 of your garden.  Start from Scratch with this book.  Very easy to read, follow and modify to your liking.  This is the one that shows you how to even just bring in sacks of dirt to start off with and provides lists of what is needed.


Square Foot Gardening: a new way to garden in less space with less work.  Bartholomew, Mel.  Rodale, 2005.  Another reference with great suggestions.  A lot of information.  I copied the pages showing the supports to be used for climing veggies, calendar for starting seeds and transplanting into garden.  Also, useful to see the authors perspective on square foot gardening.  It’s inspired me to better utilize the space I have, but may not to the degree he’s suggested…..yet.

Treasure Valley Planting Dates

Treasure Valley Recommended fruits & Veggies

2011 Garden Plan


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