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Planting Time is Here and Near!

It has been a slow go on this years plantings, even for the early veggies. I had direct seeded snap peas and shelling peas around mid-march that have grown about a foot. I had also direct seeded mesclun which is just about ready to harvest (and last week made a succession planting of lettuces). My broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower starts didn’t make it – because I’ve no patience to “harden them off”. I had to repurchase starts of these. And by that time I had cut off the bottom of all the quart milk bottles I’d saved to proved each start a mini-greenhouse which has worked marvelously. I also see that some of my onion and leek seeds have sprouted and some of the tiny starts I planted are still alive. I also started some garlic and have yet to plant them in the garden; suspect they won’t be ready until the fall comes. Potatoes should have been planted in March, I didn’t because I wasn’t sure about my space and I live in Idaho where potatoes are plentiful (but you really can’t beat the taste of a homegrown potato – no kidding)

Early Spring, provides little windows to start your garden and you have to make the most of the sunny opportunities. I had started tomatoes in the house in february and transplanted them this past weekend, during a sunny spell, outdoors and placed Walls of Water around each of the 10 plants. IF you don’t have walls of water for your tomatoes or peppers, keep them indoors until around June; then plant them outdoors as it is still too cold at night for them.

Speaking of peppers, I will have to purchase starts of these too as my seeds just did not germinate! Must have been too old or I also didn’t store them right (but my other seeds have germinated fine so far that were stored the same way).

I may start indoors my some summer plants, squash, melons if I have time and energy. Otherwise I will wait until June to direct seed them, which will be fine.

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Time to Start Cleaning Up!!

It’s that time of year to start pulling out the spent vegetables. Over the long weekend I decided to pull most of the squash plants (leaving 2 striped zuchinni which were planted a month or so later than the initial plantings). The left over zuchinni plants are rather small and don’t appear to be as vigorous as those planted earlier in the season; but we’ll see what happens. This year, these were all new varieties and I have some mental notes to take away with me.

The biggest plant was the ONE paddy pan squash; it was HUGE (I’d say it spread 6-7ft wide and 4 feet across and it was very heavy). It was still in the producing mode, but at this point I was just not willing to wait anymore; it just took so long to take off. Note: Next year plant 1 plant and give lots of room. Very good squash though, keeps it’s firmness when cooked; doesn’t turn soft/slimy.

Yellow squash (crookneck): Note; only 1 plant needed for my family of 5. Very vigorous, producing plant. So only plant more if you are going to donate. Nobody likes it here, so I think I will pass next year.

Striped Zuchinni: Plant 2 plants, succession plant at 2 wk intervals. Our family really liked these; not a lot of seeds and beautiful to look at. Not too vigorous at producing, so you don’t feel totally overwhelmed, but at times you do get many with a few plants.

Pickling Cucumbers: Only got one to grow – planted late. Will plant more next year to make a few jars of pickles.

Onions: We harvested most ofthem. Will plant lots next year too; great addition to the garden; very useful. Will continue to buy bulbs – would buy starts of others instead of growing myself – although I still have seeds and will use those.

Wax Beans: I am leaving for now and letting “die” out there in order to harvest bean/seeds for next year. This is a first try for me, so we will see how it goes. But, if I didn’t want to mess with collecting seeds; I would pull the first planting of these as they are at the end of their life. The second planting is still producing.

Green Beans: Are heading to their last legs, but still producing enough to feed the family. When they are no longer able to produce a large enough serving to feed the family, I will pull. I almost yanked them, but was talked out of it by my son.

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