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Start your seeds now…

So, the local DB store sells the jiffy seed starter greenhouse kit for $3 (tray, 72 cell pack insert, plus dome lid). I bought one; I have 2 of just the trays only from last year. I found a website that sells the jiffy 72 refill cell packs to insert in my 11×22″ plastice jiffy trays that I purchased last year. Note: the peat pellets just dried out too fast. Found reasonably priced too at for $1.23 for a 72-cell refill pack PLUS shipping of course – but still cheaper than local store (IF you can find one that stocks just the refill cells).

Where I live we are about 8 weeks now before our average last day of frost (May 9). Although I have been told that our zone here in the treasure valley has been changed…I have not checked up on that. I prefer to go by local folklore and look at the snow on the mountains I can see from my kitchen window for most of my plantings.

Today I started the following seeds: Broccoli, Cauliflower (new), Walla Walla Onions, Leeks (new), Green onions (new), turnips (new), Cabbage (new). These are either cool season crops or long growing crops (onions) that will be okay to transplant into the garden in Mid March. In late February or by Mid-march (depending on weather) I will direct seed lettuces/arugula/peas. See Reference Tab for Specfic dates on when to plant what vegetable.

when I receive my additional refill packs next week (as I have 2 remaining trays from last year), I will start my peppers and tomatoes too and grow them indoors for several months; planting early with walls of water around them in May or June.


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Christmas Gifts and Planning Ahead

Yes, I have been hibernating a little bit. I have also left debris in my garden that still needs to be cleaned out! With Chrismas around the corner, remember that if you canned anything this is a GREAT time to share your bounties with family, friends, teachers, coworkers and donating to fundraisers.

I gift canned goods each year to teachers. It is appreciated by them as well as their families and it doesn’t cause clutter in their lives. And let’s face it, in these tough times, food really hits the heart, soul and the stomach at a budget friendly cost.

I just got my seed savers exchange catalog for planning next year’s garden. ALREADY! So, NOW is the time to hit your library and check out all the books you can on growing vegetables and planning a garden for refreshing your mind and to help you plan out next year’s garden. Maybe you want to start a garden? add something or some space to an existing garden plan? Do it now because in late february you won’t be able to find these books (someone will have beaten you to it!). Besides you’ll want to know what seed you want to start indoors too – you will start this in february perhaps….

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